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Project Description

  • TSC Treatment

  • Implant Program: Cochlear and Middle Ear

  • Tinnitusgrama

  • Cocleometry

  • Electrocodiography tests

  • Videoelectronistamography test

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Testing, supplies and fittings for hearing aids

  • Prevention and Hearing Promotion Programsuditiva

  • Acufenometry

  • Industrial – School Auditory Screening Program


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Saturday 8:00 – 12:00
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A surgery indicated for people with deep neurosensory hypocausia. Consists in placing a multi-electrode in a space created behind the ear after extracting a piece of bone in this area. It is indicated for patients over 2 years old. It allows this to recover their sense of hearing.

Myogenic Potential Tests

They are one of the most recent additions to the techniques of vestibular diagnosis that we practice in our clinic.

It is based on the study of the vestibulocervical reflex (RVC) or reflex of the anterior cervical musculature (sternocleidomastoid) that is activated with acoustic stimulation. The RVC represents two components, the first of which is the evoked myogenic vestibular potential (PVME), inhibitory potential related to the vestibular pathway (saccule and saculospinal tracts), so if the study provides us with information about the condition

Hearing Protectors: for noise, water, musicians, and industrial workers.

Custom-made instruments that provide a varied attenuation according to each type of noise. They prevent infections and diseases of the middle ear. They also protect from exposure to noise, swimming, and your daily bath

Hearing Aid

They are electronic instruments that are responsible for collecting the sound energy of the air, amplifying it and modifying it, making it possible for it to be perceived by the hearing impaired subject.


Procedure that seeks to find the catching and discrimination of the ear, establishing the percentage of correctly understood words at a given intensity.

Acoustic immitance and stapedial acoustic reflexes.

It is a test that reports the integrity of the tympanic membrane, middle ear function and reflex activity of the stapedial muscle (middle ear condition).

Acoustic Otoactions

Test that measures the sound produced by allied cells in the cochlea, ideal for infants and very young children. This sound can be detected and measured by a small probe inserted into the ear canal.

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